Building a Radical Vision for the Future of Design and Making in Schools

Back in June we had a bit of a rant about the future of design and making in schools. It was a relief to share, and the list was long: our reluctance to advocate for D&T, our utter boredom with the STEM/STEAM polarisation, our anxiety about design as it plots its own dive between the stools of arts and expressive creativity and the strength of the STEM focus.

In the best Fixperts spirit, rather than wringing our hands, we decided to start something. We decided that alongside our work to support creative problem solving in schools, we’d start to imagine radical alternatives. So less than 6 months later, we’ve put together a programme of activities which invites experts, radicals and dreamers to help each other imagine a future, where the fertile creative connections between design, engineering, technology are nurtured and not sidelined.

We started with a huddle, as all the best plots do, and on Monday 23rd September we invited an eclectic and unwieldy group around to ours to see if we have a strong enough foundation, and if we could find some allies.

It was a blast. Over the next weeks we’ll be sharing some of what was said and starting to build our plans to continue the conversation in 2020 with something like a summit and something like a book. If you’re interested in being part of this conversation get in touch.

Versatile and Scalable Learning Formats

As well as Fixperts for universities and schools, we’ve created FixHubs and Festivals of Fixing, we’ve explored the Future of Fixing through an exhibition seen by over 100,000 people in 3 countries and popped-up in museums, factories and online.

We’re not obsessed, honest! We’ve just found the idea of fixing to link ideas across design, engineering and technology, to be accessible across countries and generations and, most of all, to be relevant to the age we live in. Let’s fix this thing!


Fixperts is an education programme which challenges students to create ingenious solutions to everyday problems. In the process they develop a host of valuable transferable skills from prototyping to collaboration – it’s great fun too! Fixperts runs in over 30 universities world-wide and is growing in schools.

“An inspiring and practical session. The workshop helped me re-evaluate how I teach the design process and I will definitely be using Fixperts’ techniques with all age groups.” 

Teacher, Bradley Stoke Community School, Bristol

Lead the child to construct for himself the tools that will transform him from the inside—that is, in a real sense, and not just on the surface.

Jean Piaget


FixCamp is a design and engineering activity camp for the problem-solvers of tomorrow.

Our first prototype for this all new format took place in Brixton, South London during the summer of 2018: for 15 days the engineers, designers and thinkers of tomorrow tackled big issues and built big.

Kids and their parents went crazy for FixCamp. The big question was and is: are we doing it again? If your school, university or company is interested in what happens next then get in touch!

Big ideas!

We take visible issues from day to day life, and think about what they mean, from ageing population to new methods of manufacturing.

Acting locally, thinking globally!

Being proactive is important, being prosocial is critical.

Skills for the future

Our work is driven by the amazing accessibility of new technology; the skills we offer are technical, creative and critical. The decision of what to make is as important as being able to do it.

Learning through making

Making is a way of thinking; through making things real our young Fixperts understand their power in how to change the world around them.

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