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450 ingenious, generous and inspiring fixes – and counting

Telling stories is a key part of our learning approach; it encourages teams to really think about their process and decision making. And if they understand it, then they might just use the method again. If you’ve made a Fix Film, share it with us here.

We now host over 400 Fix Films showing ingenious, generous and inspiring fixes from Fixperts projects. They’ve been viewed over 500,000 times – for good reason too. See what we’re talking about below.


Building a Radical Vision for the Future of Design and Making in Schools

Back in June we had a bit of a rant about the future of design and making in schools. It was a relief to share, and the list was long: our reluctance to advocate for D&T, our utter boredom with the STEM/STEAM polarisation, our anxiety about design as it plots its own dive between the stools of arts and expressive creativity and the strength of the STEM focus.

In the best Fixperts spirit, rather than wringing our hands, we decided to start something. We decided that alongside our work to support creative problem solving in schools, we’d start to imagine radical alternatives. So less than 6 months later, we’ve put together a programme of activities which invites experts, radicals and dreamers to help each other imagine a future, where the fertile creative connections between design, engineering, technology are nurtured and not sidelined.

We started with a huddle, as all the best plots do, and on Monday 23rd September we invited an eclectic and unwieldy group around to ours to see if we have a strong enough foundation, and if we could find some allies.

It was a blast. Over the next weeks we’ll be sharing some of what was said and starting to build our plans to continue the conversation in 2020 with something like a summit and something like a book. If you’re interested in being part of this conversation get in touch.

Versatile and Scalable Learning Formats

As well as Fixperts for universities and schools, we’ve created FixHubs and Festivals of Fixing, we’ve explored the Future of Fixing through an exhibition seen by over 100,000 people in 3 countries and popped-up in museums, factories and online.

We’re not obsessed, honest! We’ve just found the idea of fixing to link ideas across design, engineering and technology, to be accessible across countries and generations and, most of all, to be relevant to the age we live in. Let’s fix this thing!


Fixperts is an education programme which challenges students to create ingenious solutions to everyday problems. In the process they develop a host of valuable transferable skills from prototyping to collaboration – it’s great fun too! Fixperts runs in over 30 universities world-wide and is growing in schools.

“An inspiring and practical session. The workshop helped me re-evaluate how I teach the design process and I will definitely be using Fixperts’ techniques with all age groups.” 

Teacher, Bradley Stoke Community School, Bristol

Lead the child to construct for himself the tools that will transform him from the inside—that is, in a real sense, and not just on the surface.

Jean Piaget


FixCamp is a design and engineering activity camp for the problem-solvers of tomorrow.

Our first prototype for this all new format took place in Brixton, South London during the summer of 2018: for 15 days the engineers, designers and thinkers of tomorrow tackled big issues and built big.

Kids and their parents went crazy for FixCamp. The big question was and is: are we doing it again? If your school, university or company is interested in what happens next then get in touch!

Big ideas!

We take visible issues from day to day life, and think about what they mean, from ageing population to new methods of manufacturing.

Acting locally, thinking globally!

Being proactive is important, being prosocial is critical.

Skills for the future

Our work is driven by the amazing accessibility of new technology; the skills we offer are technical, creative and critical. The decision of what to make is as important as being able to do it.

Learning through making

Making is a way of thinking; through making things real our young Fixperts understand their power in how to change the world around them.

FixEd Membership

We have different packages to ensure that you get access to the connections, content and programmes you need.

What do we offer?

  • Network: by signing up you become a member of FixEd community

  • Resources: presentations, session warm-ups and printable templates

  • Support: from information and advice to bespoke content for your specific context

  • Training: FixEd offers online and in-depth training depending on your requirements

Who is it for?

  • Individuals

  • Primary and Secondary Schools

  • Universities

  • Organisations

Because The World Needs Fixing

FixEd is the think-and-do tank concerned with inspiring and equipping creative, ingenious and generous problem-solvers around the world (especially, though not exclusively, Fixperts).

We support educators and organisations to engage and motivate learners through our popular, award-winning learning programmes for schools and universities. Our research programme connects you to current ideas and approaches and the type of 21st-century skills that young people need.

Award-winning, classroom ready teaching resources

We’re helping build the next generation of designers, engineers, inventors, technologists, artists, dreamers and change makers. We want to ensure their hands are skilled and their hearts and minds are engaged.

Creating new formats and options in response to changing needs

Our interest in research isn’t abstract or theoretical. We’re skilled in analysing and using research to inform programmes and anticipate change – considering alternatives and keeping one step ahead.

Learning to solve problems

Resilience is the ability to bounce back after difficulty; it’s a necessary foundation for any successful creative endeavour. Fixperts build resilience through fruitful failure.

Building social connections

Each Fixperts project is made real – whether with sticky tape or a 3-d printer – and builds skills. But the exceptional power of the project is rooted in the human connections between Fixperts and Fix Partner.

Tested as effective across design, engineering and STEM/STEAM

Innovation relies on the ability to imagine alternatives. We imagine a generation that see the journey from problem to solution as an adventure.

Connecting imagination with skills

Sharing ideas and exchanging know-how openly can help speed change and innovation. When this means sharing inspiration, ideas and know-how that improve peoples lives, we’re all for it.


Team FixEd draws together incredible expertise, from education and informal learning, the creative and cultural industries and beyond. We’ve worked in schools and universities, museums and galleries, design studios and makerspaces. We’re united by our interest and intent: we want to make a concrete difference to people’s lives.

Daniel Charny

Co-founder and Creative Director

Professor of Design, industrial designer, one-man evangelist for the importance of making in our future lives, Fixperts was borne out of Daniel’s frustration with design and engineering students lacking basic understanding of materials, processes and people. Daniel’s commitment to the importance of linking imagination with skills, and ideas with hands-on experimentation, has powered his activity as a design educator, curator and consultant. Daniel is our creative coach and international ambassador. 

Dee Halligan

Co-founder and Managing Director

Dee has taken the promise of Fixperts into a new phase with the founding of FixEd. A seasoned strategist and senior manager for the big cultural players who engage the public imagination, such as the Science Museum and the National Trust, her focus is laser sharp: to deliver real value and make real impact. Sounds simple! Under her direction we’ve set the ambition high and are clear about the path ahead. Broad appeal and a sustainable future await.  

Lea Jagendorf

Schools Associate

Lea is an evangelical design educator who has deep experience of devising and delivering interesting, engaging and innovative ways of making design a relevant and exciting part of learning in schools.

Minnie Young

Schools Associate

Minnie (or Ms Young to you) is an experienced school teacher and head of department, who we’ve enticed away from her classroom and into our creative studio. Minnie leads on our teaching resources and teacher training offer.

Amy Bicknell

Communications Associate

Amy is a communications and partnerships expert. Her arrival to the project has ushered in a new era as the project grows up and scales to reach more young people and school children. 

Maya Alvarado

Fixperts facilitator

Maya’s grown with us as an organisation. She did Fixperts as a design student, became the first Fixpert-in-residence at Benchmark Furniture and now brings all that experience to facilitating Fixperts in universities and schools.

Gareth Owen Lloyd

Fixperts facilitator

Gareth is the equivalent of a Multi-Tool if it were ever to become a person. He was head of making at FixCamp and when he is not teaching, making, organising or building he runs Machines Room, a maker space in London. 

Koby Barhad

Voluntary advisor (graphics)

Koby is an adventurous communication designer whose willingness to exchange his skills for little beyond the feel-good factor got us through the early days of Fixperts development. His interest, generosity and ‘always on’ working style are an inspiration.

Jim Rhodes

Voluntary advisor (digital)

Jim is an interaction designer, web developer and now entrepreneur (Joto Rocks!) When he was less successful he made sure that Fixperts had an online life way beyond its means. Now he’s our top go-to for guidance on all things digital.

Georgia Cottington

Digital archive research volunteer

Georgia discovered Fixperts while researching maker culture and mental health. She is studying Product Design at the Royal College of Art.

Claudia Espart Hernandez  

Digital archive research volunteer

Claudia got in touch with us after a Fixperts talk at LCC where she is a Diploma and Professional Studies student. Claudia is a kind of visual media explorer deeply interested in how cultures mix in our ever changing world. 

James Carrigan

Co-originator – Fixperts

Daniel and James originated Fixperts together in 2012 when they commissioned the first 5 films. James’ energy and drive in the pilot and launch stages were key to the dynamic character of the project. He is our greatest conspirator and relentless ambassador. James is the co-founder of the wonderful Sugru.

Expert volunteers, alumni and early stage collaborators

Alon Meron, Freddie Yauner, Lara Miranda Muchin, Nat Hunter, Rebecca Davies, Ruby Steel, Grace Bremner, Emily Ballard, Caz Owen, Sally Spurring have all helped us on our way.

Project and event volunteers


Charley Pothecary, Jake Rich, Joe Sanchez, Lucy Barouillet, Yariv Ziv, Rachael Holmes and Nola Charny have all contributed what they could when they could. Maybe your name could be here? If so get in touch!

Fixperts supporters and friends


Fixperts is dedicated to Ami Drach


An inventive maker, Professor Ami Drach exemplified the social, technical and creative values that this project is all about. Always ready to apply his ingenuity to improvise and fix things, his unparalleled openness, kindness and generosity brought a deep empathy to every interaction.

Design Students Lack Workplace Skills

Creative agency Michon’s Designing the Future report has been released, finding that graduates lack management skills, universities aren’t preparing students enough and designers should step in and share their insights. An interesting read, though some of it resonates with us, we found it the focus on work-readiness for design graduates who might have 5 careers in their lifetimea bit short term.