FixCamp – the activity camp for kids who want to fix the world.

FixCamp is a design and engineering activity camp for the problem-solvers of tomorrow.

Our first prototype for this all new format took place in Brixton, South London during the summer of 2018: for 15 days the engineers, designers and thinkers of tomorrow tackled big issues and built big.

Kids and their parents went crazy for FixCamp. The big question was and is: are we doing it again? If your school, university or company is interested in what happens next then get in touch!  

What happened at FixCamp… can’t stay at FixCamp.

FixCamp enabled young future fixers to create a world of their own design. Mashing up design, engineering, technology art and architecture, and fusing imagination and skill, FixCamp challenged campers to build big every day, demonstrating how deep understanding and big thinking can be developed through hands-on making… 

Drawing on the UN sustainable development goals (SDG) framework as a basis for looking at the challenges of living together in cities, FixCamp set kids to work to imagine solutions, and then build them.

FixCamp welcomed 265 fixers from all backgrounds. A third were girls and approaching 30% were from BAME groups, both of which are underrepresented in the design and engineering sectors.

Encouraging creative and critical exploration.

FixCamp encouraged creative and critical exploration of new ideas and technologies through discussion, teamwork and making. FixCamp developed making skills throughout each day from morning sessions in making tool belts, learning a skill such as whittling or laser cutting and making a tool. These sessions prepared and developed the campers skillset ready for the afternoon large-scale structural making session – the big builds.

FixCamp addressed a decline in making skills and a lack of engagement in the real world through using themes which could the campers could draw from their own experiences, such as housing, education and living together. This provided a context for them to then think big and come up with open and innovative ideas for future cities. The projects the campers built surprised and delighted day-on-day, from a flying ‘air’ bnb which floats above the city, to a ‘power plant’ bio labs which finds ways of creating energy from plants.

‘The thing about FixCamp, it’s like you’re addicted. Once you’ve done it once you just want more …”

Pip, aged 9, Fixer

Who came to FixCamp

265 fixers, aged 9-14 years
98 participants from 48 schools
56% locals residents

Under-served audiences in engineering:
33% girls
29% BAME background

92% of campers learnt something new about engineering.

25% want to be engineers when they grow up!

“Wow you have seriously inspired my daughter. She and her friend got home today after FixCamp raving about the experience…”


What we’ve learnt

FixCamp proved to be popular with campers marking their experience a 9.5 out of 10.

We’ll be releasing some of the things we’ve learnt from FixCamp so more people can empower young people to discover connections between design, engineering and creativity.

Get in touch

We’re already exploring how FixCamp can adapt to other environments such as universities.

If you want to discuss running FixCamp as a camp, within your organisation or education setting then get in touch!

FixCamp friends and supporters 2018

with special thanks to… the FixCamp Team, the inspiring STEM Ambassador Network,, Isaac “ICEY”, Remakery, Impact Hub Brixton, Maya Alvarado at Power Project, Liz Corbin at Materiom and Roberto Feo and Rosario Hurtado at El Ultimo Grito.